Art in Act 008


This year’s edition is connected to the paradigm of evolution, at a time when we had to review habits, tools, values, also due to the pandemic. It, therefore, builds a dialogue between past and present, between ancient and new values of the concept, form, languages and media with which to convey flows of information and images to a more mixed audience than usual, because they are a regular visitor to the network and coming from all over. The texture and technique of Roman mosaic, the themes, the tonalities and the classical forms, as well as the narrative functional to a support devoted to everyday life, are intertwined with self-referential and the artistic research of contemporaneity. In it the synchrony of codes, sequence of time and shape, although evidently internalized, give way to experimentation which describes an alternative to the cultural dystopia that looms, with new materials and new allegories of being and doing, and also proposing non-functional messages but social. The semantic-practical unity of the past is confronted with the systematic division between reality and thought of the present to attempt a landing in a better future and to find new certainties of living and ever more efficient ways to illustrate.

Another characteristic of this festival is the use of digital media necessary to contain the generalized closure of the exhibition spaces forced with distancing, which is purely physical, never social, much less cultural. Augmented reality provides us with tools for a different usability, although not live, guided through the use of hypertexts, multimedia material, and the detailed map of the host places. A description made up of details that provides further nuances to the perception of the works and the exhibition itinerary which, otherwise, would have lost much of its narrative charm, confined only by writings and images. Furthermore, the internet will allow an experience beyond time and space, breaking the barriers of localization and allowing not only a remote visit, but a more careful observation of everything. The web publication allows us, actually, to return to the places of art multiple times, and to fully enjoy the work relegated to the perception of a fraction of time which, tends not to repeat itself once consumed, because it is linked to a place, often distant, where it is difficult to return.

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