Who we are

Fondazione Cingoli

Artistic thought in its material forms.

Fondazione Cingoli has a great desire to enhance art and young people. For years, the founding members have been pursuing the “philosophy” of excellence, including interpretation of the past, the art of knowing how to do and design, and visions of probable semantic contamination between the various media, in a context of constant innovation and research.

From the beginning, exhibitions dedicated to the expressive art in different declinations were promoted, with the use of glass, mosaic, ceramics, up to graphic art and printing. Its initial heritage consists of a collection of works by young artists of international standing, which is used with sound ambition but also with great awareness, in fulfilling the delicate task of spreading and sharing contemporary art.

To achieve this goal, Fondazione Cingoli intends to reach an agreement with the territory and different cultural operators. An agreement that leads to the organization of appointments oriented to public awareness of contemporary art and culture, in such a way as to generate a new way of feeling and appreciating reality, reaching an awareness of what surrounds us.

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