Art in Act

Art in Act lives, develops, and grows up in Villa Paris. From the day when the heart of Villa Paris returned to beat, an exhibition format is proposed that focuses on the variety of forms, art expressions, thoughts translated into visions. Artists and generations in a single context. And this is how rooms and gardens welcome tidily sculptures, paintings, mosaics, and photographs. The creators, also co-protagonists, give life to their works and explain to the public the genesis, the angles that have supported the beginning of an inspiration, the reason that have motivated the choice of the technical decisions, the consequences of other utilities assist the transformation of matter so that it takes the form it has.
Dialogue becomes curious about beauty; investigation knows the expressiveness in every part of it experienced. Zenobio, Sciannella, Menossi, Candussio are some of those who promoted the editions of this cultural event, laying the foundations for the next events. Since 2015, Art in Act expands its views also hosting Oro Musiwa, supporting his mission and logistics to bring art closer to people with commitment and passion. All of this to spread the art on the whole territory to discover new unexpressed resources. Villa Paris is ready to welcome new proposals and comparisons that will further stimulate the senses. Colours, pictures, shapes enhance and give life to a place to discover every time. Art in Act contains the innovative aspect of patronage that promotes artistic thought in its material forms. Virtuosity promotes pedagogical messages, useful to totally live an alienating emotion and rich in charm.

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